Airtel Balance Transfer : Airtel to Airtel Balance Transfer Method

We are posting here about Airtel Balance Transfer if you do not know about how to do it. By adopting this method you can transfer your Airtel prepaid balance to other Airtel prepaid user. It is good service started by Airtel to help in emergency whenever user is out of balance.

User needs to dial an USSD Code to avail this service. Well, there exist some restrictions or limits on transfer that you can transfer only for five times a day or so on. But I think this service is good whether limits exist.

NOTE : Currently this facility is available only for operator to operator mean Airtel to Airtel Balance Transfer. You couldn’t be able to transfer to another operator.

Here you can follow given procedure to checkout or take benefit of this Airtel service.

How to Transfer Balance Airtel to Airtel :

1] Dial USSD code *141#

2] After few seconds a pop up will appear.

3] Now reply with 1 which is share talktime option.

4] On next pop up you will be asked to enter amount.

5] Now enter your preferred amount starting with rs.5 or more.

6] Then on next pop up you can see the charges of entered amount.

7] Now enter the phone number on which you want to transfer Airtel balance or talktime.

8] After successful completion of transaction you and your friend will be notified via SMS about that transaction.

That is it. It was so simple to transfer Airtel balance to another Airtel user in few seconds. Now share this amazing method with your friends if they are newbie about this Airtel service. Also checkout some Airtel USSD Codes to check Airtel main balance, data balance along with offers and more.


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