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  1. How many total squares does a chessboard have?

Ans: 204

2.  Podiatrists are medical professional devoted to the study and medical treatment of _?

Ans: Feet 

3.  Which Indian state is also known as the ‘Land of rising sun’ because it gets the first sunrise in the country?

Ans: Arunachal Pradesh

4. Who is also called the ‘Birdman of India’?

Ans: Salim Ali

5. He adapted a lecture at the University of Dhaka on the theory of radiation sent it to Albert Einstein who translated it German and had it published in ‘Zeitschrift für Physik’. Rabindranath Tagore dedicated his only book on science, ‘Visva–Parichay’ to him. Who is he?

Ans: Satyendra Nath Bose

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