Kent Next-Gen RO Purifiers: Book Free Demo (Free Gift Rs3000)

Kent giving free demo test on their purifiers. If we book a free demo of Kent Next-Gen RO Purifiers, and after that, we wish to use permanently. They give us a gift worth of Rs 3000. Let’s see in details.

According to them ” Purifying water using the traditional methods don’t remove soluble impurities like arsenic, fluoride, chemicals, salts, etc. from water. This is where KENT Next-Gen RO Water purifiers can help you out. KENT RO Purifiers remove dissolved impurities but maintain essential minerals in purified water.”

Kent Next-Gen RO Purifiers (Book Free Demo):

  • Its very simple, only need to fill-up the form.
  • Visite here official page of Kent

Kent Next-Gen RO Purifiers
  • Fill up all details and complete the process.
  • After that, they will call you and come to test the water and give you the demo.

How Kent Next-Gen RO Purifiers:

  • RO process removes dissolved impurities
  • UV kills bacteria, viruses, and cysts
  • UF removes bacteria and cysts
  • TDS Controller retains essential minerals in purified water
  • High water production rate of 20 lt/hr
  • Save Water Technology reduces water wastage
  • Purifies brackish, tap and municipal corporation water

Book your free demo of Kent RO and use permanently if you wish. Still, you have any doubt and problem contact to Kent Customer care or comment below here.


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