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Earn Rs.126 And A Free Magzter Magazine Subscription

Don’t miss out on this great money earning offer from CashKaro where you’ll get Rs.1100 Cashback on Rs.999 when you subscribe for Magzter through us, also get Rs.25 sign up bonus. Earn Rs.146 and access to 5000+ magazines for free. Instant Tracking through SMS and Mail from CashKaro and confirmation within 10 days.

Steps To Avail Magzter Magazine Subscription For Free Through Cashkaro:

  1. Visit here to sign up and get Rs.25 sign up bonus for free

(NOTE: Must Sign up by Clicking the Button Above as it is Special Tricky Time Registration Link to Avail the Offer. If you don’t register through the link above then you may not get the offer and Signup Bonus.

2.  Now visit here for the Magzter Offer Page at CashKaro Site.

3. You will see the Offer Details. Click on “ACTIVATE CASHBACK” Button and then on next page click on “VISIT RETAILER” Button.

4. You will be taken to Magzter Website where you will see the Magzter Gold Subscription worth Rs.3999 at Rs.999. Just click on Get Started and fill the asked details such as Name, Email and Password and click on Subscribe Now button.

Magzter Gold Subscription at Rs 999

5. You will be taken to the Payment Page. Pay Rs.999 through Debit or Credit Card (Don’t worry, you will recover your Rs.999 through CashKaro Website as Cashback which is transferable to Bank account).

6. Once you make the Payment, you are Subscribed for Magzter Magazine Subscription. Within next few minutes or 1-3 hours, your CashKaro account will be credited with Rs.1120 Cashback for Subscribing Magzter Gold.

7. Now this Cashback will get Confirmed or will be Approved within next10 days after which you can take it to the Bank account.

So total Cashback you get: Rs.25 + Rs.1100 = Rs.1125.

Total Amount you Spent = Rs.999

Total Benefit you get: Magzter Gold Subscription for Free + Rs.126 in your Bank Account!! Comment below if you facing any problem.

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