Stop Main Balance Deduction With Simple Steps (2 Method)

In today’s post, I will discuss that how you can stop main balance deduction when your internet data get finished. I know many airtel users face this problem when they have no data pack activated and become the victim. After that, they think negative about Airtel and claim about their balance. Checkout airtel free internet offer. So it’s too simple to Stop Main Balance Deduction with our given procedure.

Stop Main Balance Deduction

Stop Main Balance Deduction

Today we are here to solve your problem so that from next time you will have not to face such issue. You can do it by just sending an SMS and that is it. Check Airtel USSD Codes if you want to know how to activate or deactivate airtel services by dialing codes only.

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So, here are some steps to follow which are helpful to stop deduction of your airtel main balance. Let me explain in detail.

How to Stop Main Balance Deduction:

1) Open your mobile’s message app to create and send SMS.

2) Now type STOP and send it to 1925.

3) After that, you will receive a return SMS from Airtel side that your request will be processed within 30 minutes.

4) In few seconds, you will receive one more SMS that your request is accepted and service is started to stop main balance deduction without data pack activation.

5) This way you can stop this deduction.

Similarly you can again start this service by typing START and sending to 1925.

It was for Airtel customers who do not want to use internet service with main balance. If you are one of them then you can follow given procedure and stop such issue. If you find this post helpful then do share with friends so they too can know about it. Keep visiting us for more.

Stop Flash Message (Spam Message):

Ofetrn time definitely you see a popup type message that says something like Get free tips, Get new update for one month. This is total spam. Operator provider sends us for our Main balance deduction. If you are recharging prepaid plan top up like 30,40. Nowadays most of the users recharging unlimited pack and they’re they cant deduct our balance.

  • Call to your Customer care
  • Dial: 198
  • Say them to active DND Service on my number accept Special offer messages.
  • They will Active on your Nuber
  • The process will take 12 hours to completely activated.
  • Enjoy!!


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Actually, this how we can Stop Main Balance Deduction is an old problem or difficulty. When the service provider is deducting our main balance without any prior notice by sending some flash message to our feature phone. After they sending if we by mystically click on Ok or Yes and they deduct our balance. But now in the smartphones days, they cant sending. Even I see operator like Bsnl they send too much spam flash messages to their users.


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