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How to Use Mi Remote to Control Various Devices on Redmi Note 3 Redmi Note 4 & More

How to Use Mi Remote to Control TV & Other Devices on Redmi Note 3 Redmi 3S Prime Redmi Note 4 Redmi 4A Redmi 4 & More.

How to use Mi remote : onefever.comDo you know Xiaomi Redmi smartphones have Remote Control feature? Do you know you can use Redmi phones as Remote Control of your TV, Set Top Box, AC & other devices.

If you are Redmi user then you definitely know it. If not then check your Redmi Device and you would be surprised to know it.

It is a built-in app named as Mi TV/Mi Box in your phone. Above mentioned devices have this app. In this article I will show How you can use Mi phone as Remote Control of TV, AC & Other Devices.

Note : You need an internet connection for one time set up process. Thereafter, it can be used offline or without any internet connection.

How to Use Mi Remote to Control Various Devices :

1. Firstly, you need to open Mi TV app from your Mi Smartphone. Before using it please make sure you are connected to internet connection else it will not load full list of supported devices. This is a one time set up.

2. After that, you will see default Mi TV Device Page. Close it by tapping on Back icon from left top corner.

3. Now, tap on +Mi Remote option and choose the device name for which you want to use phone as Remote.

4. For example I have selected Set-top Box by tapping on 3rd icon. You do select your preferred device.

5. Now you will have to choose service provider as I have selected DD Free Dish.

6. Further, device will be paired and on next screen tap on Power to test whether phone is working as Remote with paired device or not.

7. If phone is working as Remote tap on “Yes” otherwise tap on “No” and try again.

8. That is how you can pair your device and now you are ready to Control your selected device via Mi Phone.

How to Install or Update Mi Remote :

Here is how you can Install or Update Mi Remote app. It can be installed in case you have uninstalled it from your device.

In case Remote is not working for your selected device please update your app. May be in current or future update your device will be added by Xiaomi. So, here is simple process to update or install the app.

■ Open the Google Playstore from your mobile and search “Mi Remote”.

■ An app will appear with Mi Remote icon, just install it and use it.

■ Or directly click on Link you will be redirected to Google Playstore.

■ Install and  use this app. If you are an existing user of this app and have an update then you will see “Update” option. Simply update the app & use it.

That is it. It was all about to use Mi phone as Remote Control for TV, Air Conditioner, Set Top Box & Other devices. There are various smartphones which supports this feature.

Currently this feature  is working smoothly in Redmi 3 Redmi Note 3S Prime Redmi Note 4 Redmi 4A Redmi 4 device. Now share this method with your friends so they also can know about it.

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